What's In A Name?

Located in Kitchener-Waterloo, a region steeped in culture and history, The Rich Uncle Tavern looked back to find inspiration for its name and in doing so, did not need to search very far.

In the late 1800’s, Joseph Winterhalt, a local cigar manufacturer in Kitchener, which was then known as the City of Berlin, created the “Rich Uncle” line of cigars and boasted they were “10 cents and worth it”. 

In honour of proud craftsmen like Mr. Winterhalt, The Rich Uncle Tavern chose to garner its namesake from the unique brand of cigar that was once manufactured and sold on the very block we now reside.

Delicious Fare!

Defined by the humble, hearty, and wholesome approach we take with our live-fire menu, The Rich Uncle Tavern offers classic, yet inventive fare that pays homage to the brasseries and taverns of yesteryear. Whether you've reserved a table for brunch or dinner, or walking-in for a quick lunch or late night bite, you can enjoy an old favourite, or experience something new.

Refreshing Beer!

Carefully hand selected by the Rich Uncle himself, our tavern has over 16 Ontario craft & Import beers flowing smoothly into glasses from our Tavern bar. Drop in today to try a unique and thirst-quenching lineup, sure to satisfy the craft beer connoisseur in us all.

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