Posted 2 months ago
Years ago, noteworthy newspapers around the world published headlines about a hidden treasure waiting to be found somewhere in the Amazonian jungles of South America. It was said that the treasure contained mysterious wonders that most people have never seen before, and naturally, it peaked the interest of our Rich Uncle. Ever the adventurous spirit, Uncle and his best friend Bob set out on an expedition to the Amazon in search of this elusive treasure trove. They knew that their journey would long, hard, and possibly even treacherous, so they packed lightly. To keep them fuelled and energized, they packed some canned vegetables and snacked on a delicious combination of Uncle's favourites — smoked sausage, pork terrine, homemade scotch eggs, pickled onions, gherkins, Dubliner cheese, green apples, and sourdough bread. Today, that combination of hearty snackables lives on in the Tavern’s menu as the Ploughman Board. After weeks of searching high and low, Uncle and Bob finally located the famous treasure deep in the heart of the Amazon. But being the respectable man that he is, Uncle thought of the many others who would also be spending their days searching for this treasure. He decided to only take one piece from the collection, this golden unicorn, as a reminder that with enough persistence even the most elusive and exotic things can one day be found. He left the rest of the treasure for someone else to uncover one day, and as a last tip of his hat to future adventurers, he also left a few cans of corn and beans behind to fill their hungry stomachs. #RichUncleTavern
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