Posted 5 months ago
🎩 Hello dearest friends of the Rich Uncle, Cousin Emma here—I just stopped at the Tavern to grab some old things and thought I’d make myself a little snack while I was here. Sitting here alone in the restaurant has me reminiscing about all the great times we’ve had with our favourite Rich Uncle at his famous tavern, and with all of you. __ Speaking of which, has anyone heard from our dear Rich Uncle? We’re used to his lack of presence and sense of mystery, as he’s typically off on one of his many expeditions through the most far-flung places. The last we heard from him was earlier this year when we received a letter via courier. He wrote that his intention was originally to return before everything unfolded in March; however, he had found a long lost city that he was compelled to uncover. The letter also stated that he has given us, his family of misfits, his blessing to re-open the Tavern because he knows how much it means to all of you. He has left us with all of his old artifacts and oddities here at the Tavern, which we have recently moved around to give the Tavern a bit of a refresh, as you’ll soon notice. __ Like many people around the world, our current social climate has left us all feeling a little uncertain and thinking about our loved ones, whether they’re at home or abroad. From our family to yours, we hope that you’re managing to stay safe and secure during these strange times. We’ll keep checking in from time to time as we sift through our uncle’s giant collection of antiques — who knows what we’ll find… We’ll see you sooner than later at the Tavern. Keep a close eye on what’s to come. #RichUncleTavern
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